A Comparison of the HDPE, LDPE and LLDPE Resins

By Jackie | October 28, 2019

This article is to analyze the engineering application scope, the respective characteristics of their applications and the application scope of HDPE, LDPE and LLDPE resin materials from  the aspects of raw material, molecular structure, density, crystallinity, softening point, corrosion resistance, temperature range, mechanical properties, tensile strength, elongation at break, resistance to environmental stress cracking, industrial production principles, processes and additives, etc. As one of the five commonly used synthetic resins, polyethylene is a synthetic resin that boasts the largest production capacity and the highest import volume in China. At present, China is already the largest importer and the second largest consumer of polyethylene in the whole world. Polyethylene is a mixture of ethylene monomers, while polyethylene plastic is a plastic … Read more

Sink Marks Injection Molding Defects

By Jackie | October 25, 2019

The dents and hollows on the surface of a plastic product are referred to as “sink marks”. In addition to the appearance of the product, sink marks also affect the quality and strength of the final product. The reasons for sink marks are related to molding processing, mold design and the choice of the plastic material. Raw Material The shrinkage rates of different plastic materials are different. Usually, the raw materials that are prone to sink marks are crystalline, such as nylon. During the injection molding process, the crystalline plastic is heated to a fluid state, with the molecules randomly arranged; when filled into the cold cavity, the plastic molecules are slowly arranged neatly to crystallize. As a result, the … Read more

How much does injection molding cost?

By Jackie | October 24, 2019

The cost of injection molding is influenced by a multitude of factors, but is mainly comprised of the following: Raw material cost – This cost is quite easy to be calculated. Ask the raw plastic material supplier how much 1kg costs, multiply the product weight by 3% of loss rate, and then multiply the raw material price to get the cost of the raw material; Machine cost – Regarding this cost, ask a plastic injection molding factory what the hourly processing rates of different plastic injection molding machines are? Assume that the processing cost per hour for a 100-ton plastic injection molding machine is 60 RMB/hour, then the cost per minute is 1 RMB; at this point, it is necessary … Read more

Rapid prototyping play a very important role in China product development

By Jackie | October 23, 2019

Study shows that 80% of the production cost is determined at the design stage. Therefore, the design stage is of great importance to product cost control. Rapid prototyping constitutes an important part in the industrial design process. From the fully manual prototyping (hand sampling) to the semi-mechanical prototyping, then to the modern 3D printing of prototypes, the progress epitomes the technological progress of the modern manufacturing industry. Among them, though Rapid prototyping is an advanced supportive design technique, it doesn’t receive enough attention. It has been proved th Rapid prototyping not only plays a very important role in product design decision, but is also an effective tool for protecting product information and marketing. Now, let’s talk about the importance of … Read more

Different mold cooling channel design cause different cooling effect

By Jackie | October 22, 2019

Many believes that the special-shaped cooling channel is not effective at all, but is a kind of deceptive technology! As a matter of fact, the point is not that the special-shaped cooling channel is not effective, but where you choose to place the cooling channel is still arguable. Let’s take a look at the example below: Figure 1 shows the same part, coming with special-shaped cooling channels designed by different designers. Although all of them adopt the special-shaped design, they perform differently with regard to mold temperature improvement. See Figure 2, let’s verify this using the CAE software. We can find that some of the designs give a great performance as shown in Figure 4, but some others are not … Read more

Types of Food Grade Plastic Materials

By Jackie | October 20, 2019

PET PET Usually, this plastic is used in the production of plastic bottles, beverage bottles and the like. The plastic water bottles and carbonated beverage bottles people often buy are packaging products made from PET, which is a food-grade safe plastic material. Potential Risks: PET is only suitable for the packaging of room temperature or cold drinks, rather than overheated food. If the temperature is too high, the bottle will release toxic substances, which may cause cancer. If the PET bottle is in service for a long time, it will automatically release toxic substances, so the plastic beverage bottles should be disposed right away after use, and should not be used to contain other foods for a long time, so … Read more

How to control the cost of plastic injection molding?

By Jackie | October 19, 2019

The cost control of plastic injection molding also involves many factors. It must be controlled from the equipment, application process, raw material, as well as management and technology to achieve the optimal efficiency at the lowest cost. Tools and Components Control: Tools – All screws, nuts, nylon hoses and hose clamps, etc. in the packaging workshop must be controlled with a corresponding method, or great waste will be caused!   Mold Application Control: Production Process: Appropriate clamping pressure during the adjustment process – It is appropriate as long as the product meets the requirements, and the clamping force is able to ensure that the injection pressure does not force the core and the cavity open to cause flashing. The ejection … Read more

Surface finish of plastic injection molding product

By Jackie | October 18, 2019

Different physical and chemical properties of the polymer blends, as well as the different parameters of the plastic injection molding process cause the surface finish on the plastic composites to vary greatly. For a plastic injection molding service provider that offers custom-made products, the first goal is to work in collaboration with the client to determine the importance of surface finish for the exterior appearance, as well as the performance of the injection molded product, or to be specific, is the final product an eye-catching piece or simply a functional one? Your answer to this question determines the choice of material and the option of surface finish, based on which the plastic injection molding process is set, and the secondary finishing operations … Read more

China mold manufacturing business status compare to other countries

By Jackie | October 17, 2019

Over the past decade or so, China mold manufacturing technology has made a qualitative leap, and the mold manufacturing industry has grown rapidly from small to large, making China one of the biggest mold manufacturing countries in the world. Along with the development of China’s automobile industry, the rise of domestic auto brands to the middle and high-end market segments, and the emergence of new energy vehicles, the market has put forward new demands for us, which requires us to move from low-end molds to high-end molds, and from a large mold manufacturing country to a mold powerhouse. At present, the mold production value of the six mold manufacturing countries, i.e., China, the US, Japan, Germany, South Korea and Italy, … Read more

Moldflow Analysis Report for plastic injection molding

By Jackie | October 16, 2019

Moldflow analysis is the plastic injection molding simulation software that obtains data and results  through the computer-aided simulation to simulate the plastic injection molding process, based on which, the feasibility of the mold solution is to be evaluated, in a bid to improve mold and product designs. Wall thickness and mesh statistics in moldflow analysis Thickness are uniformed Plastic material information Initial Nozzle/Gate Locations and Circuit Filling The filling process is balance Distortion, all effects at Z Component In this plot a scale factor of  2X was added to overstate the magnitude of the warpage to make the trends easier to understand。 1) 4 gates injection Deflection of Z direction is large  NG 2)2 gates injection Deflection of Z direction … Read more