MSI Mold Builders Expands In Lowa, Eyes Automotive Market

ORLANDO, FLA. — MSI Mold Builders has recently completed a 12,000-square-foot expansion to its Cedar Rapids, Iowa, plant, bringing its total footprint to just under 60,000 square feet.

The company also installed a 3-meter-by-6-meter travel 5-axis machining center and a 3,000-ton injection molding machine for sampling, representing a total investment of just under $6 million, President Roger Klouda said. Lifting capacity at the plant was increased to 30 tons.

“Basically what this allows us to do is additional flexibility in building larger tools. We’ve opened up a different class of tools for us to be able to build,” Klouda said during an interview at NPE 2015 in Orlando.

MSI’s Greenville, S.C., plant also got a new 5-axis machining center, and lifting capacity boosted to 25 tons.

This year was MSI Mold Builders’ fourth NPE and its largest booth. This year a Polaris Slingshot was on display, drawing eyes and inquiries. MSI did the tooling for more than half the plastic parts on the Slingshot, including the highly visible hood and dashboard, Klouda said.

“I would hazard a guess that we have the most photographed booth in the show,” he said. And beyond showing off a successful project, he’s using the attention to show customers and potential customers how the company has grown.

MSI does most of its work for the recreational vehicle, lawn and garden, heavy truck and medical end markets, and is targeting the automotive market as the company’s next growth area, Klouda said. He emphasized the importance of starting small; the company is hoping to have 10 percent of its business in automotive over the next year.

“We want to be a mold maker that does automotive work, rather than an automotive mold maker,” Klouda said.

But the automotive market offers some opportunities not available elsewhere.

“It’s a big market that we can’t stay out of and grow like we need to grow as an organization,” Klouda said.


Government Report Reveals Details About Plastic Pollution In China’s Seas

A recent report released by China’s State Oceanic Administration revealed striking numbers that show plastics Pollution as the primary culprit for ocean waste in the Chinese seas.

The agency collected more than 2 million sets of data from about 8,700 monitoring stations along the Chinese coastline during 2014.

The report, published on Mar. 11, said polystyrene foam plastics accounted 46 percent of all floating debris and other types of plastics accounted for another 31 percent. In other words, plastics overall made up 77 percent of floating debris.

Plastics also represented 77 percent of beach litter, mostly plastic bags, EPS foam and plastic bottles.

On the ocean floor, about 84 percent of the trash was found to be plastics, mostly plastic bags and bottles. The agency said it observed an average of 720 bags and bottles per square kilometer.

China was identified last month as the world’s largest source of plastic marine debris by a Science paper authored by the National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis (NCEAS) at the University of California, Santa Barbara. Indonesia and Vietnam ranked second and third, and the United States ranked 20th.

While China is the world’s largest importer of waste plastics, the China Scrap Plastics Association said imported scrap shouldn’t take the blame.

China is the world’s largest producer and consumer of plastic products, CSPA said in a statement.

“From a global point of view, China’s plastics recycling industry actually helps to reduce the amount of plastics dumped into the ocean,” it added, “if [we] don’t recycle them, more plastics will end up in the ocean.”

The Beijing-based trade group also blamed China’s weak environmental protection system for playing a more critical role in the result of ocean pollution.

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How To Find A Good Plastic Injection Mold Manufacturer

Choosing a good plastic injection mold manufacturer is a challenging work.  What’s most concern is about the price. No many manufacturer can gives a good price injection mold service, particular in USA. We know that the labor costs in USA is 8 times higher than China. So, the result is that customers  pay the high labor costs for these companies.

 Plastic Injection Mold Manufacturer in China

Why not choose a developing country to do this job?

China is become the most largest manufacturer in injection molding industry, with the low costs and high quality service, it more friendly to some SMEs. 

Ecomolding co., Ltd is the best choice

We have 20 years of experience of making injection molds for the EU and US market. So we know the Standards and requirements very well.Our molds are always with excellent quality ,competitive price, short lead time,it accumulate a good reputation for us.

I think you need a good and trustworthy mold manufacturer to work with you for injection molds and molding the plastic products.

  1. Cold & Hot Runner / Single & Multi-Cavity /injection molding/Insert Molds/ Over mold
  2. Prototype /Prototype Tooling.
  3. Mass production.
  4. CNC machining.
  5. silicone and rubber mold and product production
  6. Automotive mold,Optical mold and medical mold

Our engineer can make the 3d data only if you can provide samples and optimise the 3D drawing benefit to mold building.

After design confirmed, we will send you a mold making schedule with T1 sampling time. We will send you tooling schedule with pics of mold weekly until the mold is finished and you get good samples. After test, we will send you part measuring report and injection parameter and video of testing.


So if you want to find best plastic injection mold manufacturer,please feel free to contact me, we are your best choice!

Plastic mold manufacturer in China

When you develop a new plastic model,you need find a reliable plastic mold manufactur to make the mold
Since the company size,location and history are different,they will quote you different the moment lots of trading company protend to be a plastic mold manufacturer to dealing with you,they will take at least 30% profit from you and do nothing, Just think about it,if your competitor find a true plastic mold manufacturer but you find the trading company to develop same project,they will have 30% price advantage compare to you think if you have any chance to win the market.

How to find a reliable plastic mold manufacturer?

I think it’s better to spend some time to get to know one or several plastic mold manufacturer really well. Visiting them is best idea once you get a good feeling about it (after discussions about the mold engineering or making a small test mold), when you have a good relationship with an plastic mold manufacturer and you will know how they think about the technologies and use the same language to discuss mold engineering, more effective. You can move on your project very fast.That’s where the profit is along the life of the project. Steel is steel and CNC machines are the same for every shops. In the end it counts on the people who work with you and if someone does a value stream analysis of a project, the mold quality will be different.

Visit the plastic mold plant and check the facility available with them, ask about his existing customers and main marketing ,Check the molds which are on construction in the shop, see the project management system, look at the sample components they made in the past. All this will give you an idea on the capability and the quality levels of plastic mold manufacturer
Then check which is your most concern like, lead time of mold building, finish of the samples, dimensional criticality, quality of steel, after sales service like modification of mold based on the change in design change during the mold life, durability of the product..

The most important is:find many plastic mold manufacturers for price and quality check,choose the best and proper one as your business partner

Low Volume Injection Molding production company

When you design a new product, you want to trial them in the market before you invest lots of money to make big production, Now the problem come out,the big factory or famous companyhave the big amount for MOQ,but you worry about the quality with small shop, Now ECO molding focus on providing this service of Low Volume injection molding afte optimize our management system and marketing.
Nowadays, it is important for a company to get new models into the market quickly, in most of the cases, it could be just a market-testing product with 10,000 units’ volume or even less. But the plastic parts still need to be customized by plastic injection mold to achieve the specified tolerance, finish, function. Traditionally, a hardened steel mold would requires a big amount investment before you get a simple piece, and it usually take 8-12 weeks to finsh the mold, it will lose the precious time to occupy the market.
Most important is the cost,Low volume mold will be much cheaper than harden up mold,Spending the same money,you can lauch more projects, it will help you enhance the chance to succeed. if one project failed, you still have money to develop next project.

low volume injection molding requires a mold first, start with  mold design, and then CNC, EDM, wire cut, polish etc. all processing used by making a hardened steel mold are adopted to make a mold for low volume production. Low volume mold sometimes refer to rapid tooling or prototype tooling. To achieve cost advantage, the mold use lower grade steel(mostly local steel) or aluminum, which don’t have to be withstand hundreds of thousands times of injection press as production mold. Molds made by pre-hardened steel or aluminum are capable of 10,000 to 300,000 molding cycles, this is enough for the needs of most project which didn’t make big success in the market. The lead time of building mold is shortened massively because the steel don’t have to be hardened up after rough CNC machining, the workability of soft steel is also better than hardened steel, which make the processing is easier and faster.but the finish and quality is the same level as harden up steel mold

The advantage of low volume mold

  • Save lots of money but never compromise with quality
  • Short lead-time
  • Easy to modify the tooling
  • Reduce the risk of new project

Rapid prototyping

Nowdays, the economy develop faster and faster, it create a more and more demand for new product. as we all know, if we need plastic product or a plastic spare part, we should make a mold, but the mold will cost very much and take a long time, if our design is not good or not accepted by market, we will lose a lots of money and waste much money in the molds, now we comes out a new solution-rapid prototyping.

Although the 3d Print is coming, but CNC machining still be use in majority of prototype,because the finish of 3d print parts is not good enough for business show even if they make the structure of product. Product designers and new product developers require machined metal and plastic prototypes in the same timeframe as other prototype components such as SLA models, sheet metal parts,  and metal castings. the Trade Show date is not moving, your internal project date has management visibility, and that your customer’s order is time dependent. If we fail to deliver your machined parts when you need them, your decision to use Rapid Machining comes into question and may very well impact your next raise or even your job. our employees average over 20 years manufacturing experience and we rely on seasoned machinists to stream-line part manufacturing and smooth out any bumps. The majority of our machinists can do any job in the shop including programming, setting up all machining centers, and even shipping parts. Why is this important? Because their critical knowledge gained through those years of experience ensure your parts get shipped on time and with a high quality level

If you need the rapid prototyping serive,maybe we are your wise choice.

PPSU Parts Mold Making Company

As we know, PPSU is high performance plastic material, they are used more and more in the medical and food field. Fiest of all , let us to learn the character of the PPSU:

High Heat, High Impact Performance
The high heat resistance and excellent hydrolytic stability of PPSU make it an excellent choice for hot water fittings and medical devices requiring repeated steam sterilization.
PPSU products are specially formulated for use in aircraft interiors and are in compliance with stringent FAA regulations requiring low heat release, low smoke generation and low toxic gas emissions.
PPSU offers cost advantages for applications with less demanding requirements.


Key Features

  • High HDT of 207°C (405°F)
  • Superior toughness and impact strength
  • Exceptional long-term hydrolytic stability
  • Better chemical resistance than PSU and PEI
  • Withstands over 1,000 cycles of steam sterilization without any significant loss of properties
  • Inherently flame retardant
  • Transparent
  • Colorable

Now they are used in the fields as following: Sterilization cases and trays, Sterilization cases and trays, Sterilization cases and trays,  Dental and surgical instruments, Medical devices,  Aircraft interiors, Airline catering trolleys, Hot water fittings, Hot water fittings
After we study the PPSU character, we should know how to choose the steel for the mold, since the mold teperature is about 300 °C-400°C during production, the first important to make the good cooling systems on mold making,if the mold temparature is always high because of poor cooling system, the mold life will be affected, the second the the flowability of PPSU is not good as ABS, PA, we always avoid point gate and make the gate as big as possible.the thrid, produce this kind of mold, we should equiped special screw and nozzle in the injection machine, the high temperature will hurt the normal machine.
If you need ppsu prduct needed, please feel free to contact us. Started Offering Custom Plastic Injection Molding Service

Plastic injection molding service is now being increasingly used in OEM applications and the injection molding is now in high demand across industries. recently started custom molding service.

Plastic injection molding company in China

Eco Molding Co Limited, a pioneering player in the plastic injection molding sector, recently started plastic mold production., the official trading website of the China based manufacturer of custom molds, recently announced that plastic mold manufacturing has been started in full swing. Headquartered in Guangdong Province of China, the company has a large manufacturing facility coupled with robust infrastructure, right workforce and good connectivity with major arterial roads in province. The owners of the China plastic injection molding company believe that their 8 million RMB capital asset and 100-employee strong workforce can now be expanded with the introduction of the new plastic injection molding service.

Eco Molding Co Ltd aims to become a trustworthy manufacturer and supplier for both domestic and overseas players in different major industries such as automotive, home appliances etc. the company has adopted a forward-thinking management strategy and vision and have put highest emphasis on innovation and compliance with highest quality standards. Currently offering plastic injection molds at factory prices, the China based molding service provider has cost transparency as one of their stated business objectives., the website of the company, now shows detailed manufacturing costs of plastic injection molds, in a bid to explain the cost of production to the prospective buyers.

“We aim to become a one-stop solution provider for small and mid-size companies both in Chinese and international markets. We are the only China plastic molding Injection Company that offers complete cost analysis and full transparency to our prospective buyers. We invest low in factory space and have optimally used our available space to get ISO certification. Our injection molds are marginally costlier than those made in USA or Europe based manufactories, as resin price is quite high in China. However, if plastic injection molds are purchased in large quantities, buyers can reap significant cost benefits,” demanded the CEO of Eco Molding Co Limited very recently.

One of the top sales managers of Eco Molding Co Ltd also added that they have brought more professionalism into the entire procurement process and have been able to meet precise needs of clients.

About the Company

Eco Molding Co Ltd is a China based manufacturer and wholesaler of plastic molds.

To know more about plastic injection molding services offered by them, visit

Media Contact
Company Name: Eco molding Co.,Limited
Phone: 0086-(0)755 3318 3226
Country: China

A Injection Molding Technician’s Work Report

As we know, once the mold are uploaded to the injection molding machine, they should work till the order is done.but every day the mold need stop for shift,my present view is: inspect the mold very carefully, solve the problem occurs in injection machines, control the quality after maintenance. If we do three good, we can shorten the stop time within 50 minutes,it means 25 minutes one shift

Leadership also is thinking how to achieve this goal. If we do not really take the initiative to make real work done, all plan are nothing, fortunately,I really want to do this job well, it can be considered to prove our value, or something else, in short, this thing is a major event in my work next year.

This would be good that all the people are mobilized through the mold repair team.

1, good point inspection program.

2, set up inspection teams, primarily responsible for the completion of inspection program.

3, setting up the monitor to check the quality system.

4, good seating arrangements for the team’s work.

5, the problem of online off-line processing, especially long-term torment online maintenance staff.

6, perfect check of the operating instructions. For example: all spring ,check all the screws removed infrequently, all movement spare parts

In short, do practical work, reduce mold downtime, increase productivity

China Auto Mold Company Have To Enter The High-end Market

Stronger china auto mold industrial provide support to the development of own brand cars, Therefore, we must continue to challenge the first high-tech mold in high-end products. Currently, the domestic high-end products which meet the rate of mold demand is less than 60%, a considerable part of the dependence on imports. With the rapid development of China’s own-brand cars, future demand for our high-grade mold market will be more urgent. A few years ago, many china auto mold factory is mainly responsible for the A-Class and a small amount of mold development B-Class mold development, along with more B-Class, C-Class models to market, high-end market of automotivemold,The demand will grow substantially.

In addition, the multinational group purchase more and more mold from China, the next 5-10 years the mold demand of European and American auto market will be a substantial mold growth, and gradually the Chinese and the low-end to high-end development, which objectively stimulated development of Chinese high-grade mold market. China mold industry must bear the burden of molds and welding fixtures,China’s auto development process required beneficiary of China’s mold industry is not only the progress of the industry itself, but the main thing is for own brand car industrial. Due to the progress of China’s mold industry, the mold price for international import fell by 30% compared to 2000, and even more, it is an advantage to the people of China by china mold industrail develop

When Chinese industrial grow up from “Made in China” to “Created in China”, there will be more Chinese brand cars in globle market. Auto mold industrial will be powerhouse to china auto industrial.