The Cooling System

 The Cooling Line Purpose

The cooling line purpose is to ensure uniform cooling of the molded product and then eject the product out within a short period of time. The layout of the cooling channel plays an important role in the injection molding quality as well as the production cycle (cost) of a product.

  • Influence on Quality: During the injection molding process, the cooling channel is used to control mold temperature, of which the fluctuation has a direct influence on product shrinkage, deformation, dimensional stability, mechanical strength, residue cracks and surface quality, etc. Mainly include: surface glossiness, residue stress, crystallinity and thermal flexure.
  • Influence on Production Cycle: An injection molding cycle is mainly composed of the following steps. Reducing the cooling time means an improvement in the injection molding efficiency.

Cooling Channel Layout & Cooling Method:

1,Cooling line in core /cavity inserts

2,Connecting cooling line between mold plates and inserts

3,Different cooling line type

4,Cooling tower

5,Cooling line in lifter

6,Cooling line in slider

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