How To Find A Good Plastic Injection Mold Manufacturer

Choosing a good plastic injection mold manufacturer is a challenging work.  What’s most concern is about the price. No many manufacturer can gives a good price injection mold service, particular in USA. We know that the labor costs in USA is 8 times higher than China. So, the result is that customers  pay the high labor costs for these companies.

 Plastic Injection Mold Manufacturer in China

Why not choose a developing country to do this job?

China is become the most largest manufacturer in injection molding industry, with the low costs and high quality service, it more friendly to some SMEs. 

Ecomolding co., Ltd is the best choice

We have 20 years of experience of making injection molds for the EU and US market. So we know the Standards and requirements very well.Our molds are always with excellent quality ,competitive price, short lead time,it accumulate a good reputation for us.

I think you need a good and trustworthy mold manufacturer to work with you for injection molds and molding the plastic products.

  1. Cold & Hot Runner / Single & Multi-Cavity /injection molding/Insert Molds/ Over mold
  2. Prototype /Prototype Tooling.
  3. Mass production.
  4. CNC machining.
  5. silicone and rubber mold and product production
  6. Automotive mold,Optical mold and medical mold

Our engineer can make the 3d data only if you can provide samples and optimise the 3D drawing benefit to mold building.

After design confirmed, we will send you a mold making schedule with T1 sampling time. We will send you tooling schedule with pics of mold weekly until the mold is finished and you get good samples. After test, we will send you part measuring report and injection parameter and video of testing.


So if you want to find best plastic injection mold manufacturer,please feel free to contact me, we are your best choice!