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Eco Molding co., Ltd., base on Shenzhen China. A company with over 10 years experience of plastic injection molding. We offer one stop injection mold services, such as mold designplastics injection molding and custom injection molding. All of our pre-sales staff members are plastics injection mold engineers who enjoy the profound experience in the field and can communicate with you without any obstacles.  Contact us today for a quote!

About Ecomolding

ECO  molding Co., Limited, we offer plastic injection molding services and specializes in various plastic molds manufacturing for automotive, home appliances, electronics, as well as general industrial OEM applications.

Our factory is over 2000 square meters in size and is closed to convenient transportation. At present, our company has over 100 employees and capital assets to more than 8 million RMB. We have the capability and capacity to produce 40-50 plastic injection molds per month.

Our mission is to be a professional, trustworthy and creative mold maker and plastic injection mold manufacturer. Our top level management is always involved, and we use a modern management system.Our goal is for zero defects. We make sure to use the best techniques to produce the highest quality. we use continuous improvement, and innovation to be your best supplier for your company.

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Why Choose Us?

1. We Provide Original Factory Price and Make Cost Transparent.

There're a lot of big mold makers in China, but they can't give you the factory price! We are a medium size injection molding company, Because we are not very large, this also helps us to provide lower pricing. We do not have as many administrative costs compare to a big factory. We have our ISO9001-2008 certificate, this ensures our quality, and put us on the same level as a larger manufacturer. It is well known that Molds from China are much cheaper than USA or Europe, but plastic injection molding price can be more expensive because resin prices in China can be 50%-100% higher. However, for a low volume of 1,000-50,000 pcs custom plastic components , China can have a big advantage.

2. We Focus on Providing One Stop Service for Small and Medium Size Company.

We are a medium size custom injection mold and plastic injection molding company, Because we are not very large, this also helps us to provide lower pricing. We do not have as many administrative costs compare to a big factory. We have our ISO9001-2008 certificate, This ensures our quality, and put us on the same quality level as a larger manufacturer. In addition, we can produce prints, paint components and do assembly in-house. this solutions can save a lot!

3. Our Sales Manager are very experienced in engineering.

Most companies in China hire salespeople to contact customer, they have learned English, but do have any mold engineering experience, They will simply forward customer communications on to mold makers, send customer some holiday wishes, but will get a good commission(3-5% of the mold price, of course, the cost will be included in their quotation). Our Sales Managers assigned to your project will handle both the sales manager and project manager jobs. This is to make sure our high level of service is maintained through the whole process and the communication is most efficient.

Our Happy Clients

I just wanted to say how pleased I am with our product! Your people did an excellent job and should be commended. As for Creacy, I'd like to say what a pleasure it was working with him. He went above and beyond what could be expected. We look forward to working with him again and if you have another company inquiring about references I will be happy recommending Creacy and your company!

James Hughes - Owner of Soap Pouch LLC

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