Rapid prototyping play a very important role in China product development

By Jackie | October 23, 2019

Study shows that 80% of the production cost is determined at the design stage. Therefore, the design stage is of great importance to product cost control. Rapid prototyping constitutes an important part in the industrial design process. From the fully manual prototyping (hand sampling) to the semi-mechanical prototyping, then to the modern 3D printing of … Read more

Different mold cooling channel design cause different cooling effect

By Jackie | October 22, 2019

Many believes that the special-shaped cooling channel is not effective at all, but is a kind of deceptive technology! As a matter of fact, the point is not that the special-shaped cooling channel is not effective, but where you choose to place the cooling channel is still arguable. Let’s take a look at the example … Read more

Types of Food Grade Plastic Materials

By Jackie | October 20, 2019

PET PET Usually, this plastic is used in the production of plastic bottles, beverage bottles and the like. The plastic water bottles and carbonated beverage bottles people often buy are packaging products made from PET, which is a food-grade safe plastic material. Potential Risks: PET is only suitable for the packaging of room temperature or … Read more

How to control the cost of plastic injection molding?

By Jackie | October 19, 2019

The cost control of plastic injection molding also involves many factors. It must be controlled from the equipment, application process, raw material, as well as management and technology to achieve the optimal efficiency at the lowest cost. Tools and Components Control: Tools – All screws, nuts, nylon hoses and hose clamps, etc. in the packaging … Read more

Surface finish of plastic injection molding product

By Jackie | October 18, 2019

Different physical and chemical properties of the polymer blends, as well as the different parameters of the plastic injection molding process cause the surface finish on the plastic composites to vary greatly. For a plastic injection molding service provider that offers custom-made products, the first goal is to work in collaboration with the client to determine … Read more

China mold manufacturing business status compare to other countries

By Jackie | October 17, 2019

Over the past decade or so, China mold manufacturing technology has made a qualitative leap, and the mold manufacturing industry has grown rapidly from small to large, making China one of the biggest mold manufacturing countries in the world. Along with the development of China’s automobile industry, the rise of domestic auto brands to the … Read more

Moldflow Analysis Report for plastic injection molding

By Jackie | October 16, 2019

Moldflow analysis is the plastic injection molding simulation software that obtains data and results  through the computer-aided simulation to simulate the plastic injection molding process, based on which, the feasibility of the mold solution is to be evaluated, in a bid to improve mold and product designs.   Wall thickness and mesh statistics Thickness are … Read more

Quests to know the plastic injection mold price?

By Jackie | October 14, 2019

Do you have engineering design or physic samples? if you provide drawing, the most mold factories prefer 3D data in step or IGES format. If the design is complicated or large, the mold design should also be complicated and more cost. if you have physical samples, the mold factory will copy it and made the … Read more

Factors affect plastic injection molding cost

By Jackie | October 12, 2019

The involvement in a plastic injection molding project will surely enable you to understand that the mold can easily become the most expensive part in a project. Among the multiple factors that affect the cost of a plastic injection molding product, the top three ones are undoubtedly the dimensions and complexity of the part, the … Read more

How to choose cost effective plastic injection molding supplier from China?

By Jackie | October 10, 2019

What kind of injection molding supplier is a better choice? With regard to this question, people believe that it depends on the specific situation. When considered from the only perspective of factory size, it is better that you choose the larger one, because a large size is often an synonym of strength, meaning that the comprehensive … Read more