Decoration Striper

Decoration Striper

Eco molding is a leading injection molding manufacturer,located in the Mold Center of Shenzhen which is acknowledged as the Land of Molds & Dies of China. Our 4000 square meter facility is staffed with over 100 employees. Since our foundation in 1998, we have accumulated extensive experience and strong expertise in manufacturing large and medium-sized injection molds . Backed by leading Engineering tools such as ProE, Cimatron and UG, as well as state-of-the-art equipment such as CAD/CAM/CAE machining centers, NC EDMs made in Switzerland, NC Precision Engravers, and high-precision grinding machines, in addition to ourrich experiences in plastic injection molding, we have successfully sold iinjection mold to many countries and regions such as Germany, Russia, USA,UK
Our catalogue covers molds for automobile tail lamp, interior trimming, bumper, refrigerator drawer, vegetable case, TV housing, air conditioner panel, barrel, chairs, containers, and complete plastic parts for electric bikes and motorcycles, and molds of gas-assisted injection molding for truck chair handles, lifts, as well as those molds for TV front cover, monitor front cover, pilot case, and automobile side mirror.

We are committed to welcoming your patronage with good quality goods at competitive price with the best service.

please study the mold cost breakdown to know our price level.


April 6, 2017