Green House

Green House

Eco molding is a professional mold making factory specialized in designing and producing commodity molds,auto part molds, home appliance molds,pipe fitting molds as well as kinds of plastic molds.

We have advanced CAE(Moldflow analysis system)System,Super designing software like CAD, UG, Pro/E,Solidworks and Catia etc.Moreover we have CNC milling machine,CNC lathe,CNC machining centre,Grinding machine,High speed drilling machine,High speed engraving machine,Linear cutting machine,EDM and die spotting machine for ensure the quality of moulds and lead time.

Our customers cover throughout Taiwan area,Southeast Asia,India,Middle East,South America,Europe, United States and other countries and regions.

Create outstanding products and be the preferred supplier is always our service standard.Now could anything got your interesting?Welcome to contact us at any time,we’ll be here waiting for you

below product picture is the mold cost breakdown for the product as picture show,it is only for your reference