Holder with Metal Pin

Holder with Metal Pin

Eco molding is a professionaltooling making company that was founded in 1998, which specializes in the research and development of plastics moulds, as well as molding products, rapid prototype and assembly of finished parts. Our products are various and top-grade including all kinds moulds of sanitary, pharmaceutical chemicals, architecture materials, machinery and crafts.

The customers are not only from China mainland but also from Europe,America,South-east Asian and Middle East.
We have 6 series of products and 5 series of service:
6 series of products: 1) auto parts, 2) household appliances, 3) bathroom,4) medical appliances, 5) construction, 6) electrical appliances;
5 series of service: 1) product design, 2) rapid prototype, 3) Mould manufacturing, 4)product manufacturing, 5)finished products assembly.

Below is the mold cost breakdown for prduct as picture show.for you reference!


April 6, 2017


overmolding/insert mold