Lens(9 in 1)

Lens(9 in 1)

We are excellent china mold factory, have lots of experience in optics parts mold, also provide injection molding service for PC resin parts, PMMA resin parts and other transparent parts. Actually the transparent parts have the same mold structure as others, but the finish have higher requirement, because any dots or defect will be seen clearly in parts, this is reason why china mold factory always use stainless steel S136H as core and cavity steel.S136 Stainless Steel has good anti-rusty capacity, polishing capacity, super intensity and wearable capacity, their character will ensure the transparent parts produce by our factory have a good and stable quality, the longer mold life is also the guarantee to production,there is no chance we repair the mold often during production.

We list all mold cost for the transparent parts mold as below, please contact us freely if you need.


April 6, 2017