Eco molding as a china mold manufacturer have acumulate lofts of experience in various molds,and focus on provide one stop mold manufacturing service for small and medium size company all around the world

if you want to develop your project in China,there are our advantage:

1. OEM plastic products manufacturer.

2. Both injection mould making and plastic parts producing.

3. Design software: CAD/CAM/CAE, UG, PRO/E

4. Machine: High Speed CNC, Mirror EDM, Sodick WT machine, CMM equipment, etc.

5. Advance: Efficiency with excellent quality.

6. Certificate: ISO9001: 2008

7.Continuance service and support.

8.Rich experienced skillful workers.

9.Own custom research and develop department

Moreover,we make the mold cost breakdow as below, help you to make choice!