A Injection Molding Technician’s Work Report

As we know, once the mold are uploaded to the injection molding machine, they should work till the order is done.but every day the mold need stop for shift,my present view is: inspect the mold very carefully, solve the problem occurs in injection machines, control the quality after maintenance. If we do three good, we can shorten the stop time within 50 minutes,it means 25 minutes one shift

Leadership also is thinking how to achieve this goal. If we do not really take the initiative to make real work done, all plan are nothing, fortunately,I really want to do this job well, it can be considered to prove our value, or something else, in short, this thing is a major event in my work next year.

This would be good that all the people are mobilized through the mold repair team.

1, good point inspection program.

2, set up inspection teams, primarily responsible for the completion of inspection program.

3, setting up the monitor to check the quality system.

4, good seating arrangements for the team’s work.

5, the problem of online off-line processing, especially long-term torment online maintenance staff.

6, perfect check of the operating instructions. For example: all spring ,check all the screws removed infrequently, all movement spare parts

In short, do practical work, reduce mold downtime, increase productivity