China Auto Mold Company Have To Enter The High-end Market

Stronger china auto mold industrial provide support to the development of own brand cars, Therefore, we must continue to challenge the first high-tech mold in high-end products. Currently, the domestic high-end products which meet the rate of mold demand is less than 60%, a considerable part of the dependence on imports. With the rapid development of China’s own-brand cars, future demand for our high-grade mold market will be more urgent. A few years ago, many china auto mold factory is mainly responsible for the A-Class and a small amount of mold development B-Class mold development, along with more B-Class, C-Class models to market, high-end market of automotivemold,The demand will grow substantially.

In addition, the multinational group purchase more and more mold from China, the next 5-10 years the mold demand of European and American auto market will be a substantial mold growth, and gradually the Chinese and the low-end to high-end development, which objectively stimulated development of Chinese high-grade mold market. China mold industry must bear the burden of molds and welding fixtures,China’s auto development process required beneficiary of China’s mold industry is not only the progress of the industry itself, but the main thing is for own brand car industrial. Due to the progress of China’s mold industry, the mold price for international import fell by 30% compared to 2000, and even more, it is an advantage to the people of China by china mold industrail develop

When Chinese industrial grow up from “Made in China” to “Created in China”, there will be more Chinese brand cars in globle market. Auto mold industrial will be powerhouse to china auto industrial.

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