Plastic mold manufacturer in China

When you develop a new plastic model,you need find a reliable plastic mold manufactur to make the mold
Since the company size,location and history are different,they will quote you different the moment lots of trading company protend to be a plastic mold manufacturer to dealing with you,they will take at least 30% profit from you and do nothing, Just think about it,if your competitor find a true plastic mold manufacturer but you find the trading company to develop same project,they will have 30% price advantage compare to you think if you have any chance to win the market.

How to find a reliable plastic mold manufacturer?

I think it’s better to spend some time to get to know one or several plastic mold manufacturer really well. Visiting them is best idea once you get a good feeling about it (after discussions about the mold engineering or making a small test mold), when you have a good relationship with an plastic mold manufacturer and you will know how they think about the technologies and use the same language to discuss mold engineering, more effective. You can move on your project very fast.That’s where the profit is along the life of the project. Steel is steel and CNC machines are the same for every shops. In the end it counts on the people who work with you and if someone does a value stream analysis of a project, the mold quality will be different.

Visit the plastic mold plant and check the facility available with them, ask about his existing customers and main marketing ,Check the molds which are on construction in the shop, see the project management system, look at the sample components they made in the past. All this will give you an idea on the capability and the quality levels of plastic mold manufacturer
Then check which is your most concern like, lead time of mold building, finish of the samples, dimensional criticality, quality of steel, after sales service like modification of mold based on the change in design change during the mold life, durability of the product..

The most important is:find many plastic mold manufacturers for price and quality check,choose the best and proper one as your business partner