PPSU Parts Mold Making Company

As we know, PPSU is high performance plastic material, they are used more and more in the medical and food field. Fiest of all , let us to learn the character of the PPSU:

High Heat, High Impact Performance
The high heat resistance and excellent hydrolytic stability of PPSU make it an excellent choice for hot water fittings and medical devices requiring repeated steam sterilization.
PPSU products are specially formulated for use in aircraft interiors and are in compliance with stringent FAA regulations requiring low heat release, low smoke generation and low toxic gas emissions.
PPSU offers cost advantages for applications with less demanding requirements.


Key Features

  • High HDT of 207°C (405°F)
  • Superior toughness and impact strength
  • Exceptional long-term hydrolytic stability
  • Better chemical resistance than PSU and PEI
  • Withstands over 1,000 cycles of steam sterilization without any significant loss of properties
  • Inherently flame retardant
  • Transparent
  • Colorable

Now they are used in the fields as following: Sterilization cases and trays, Sterilization cases and trays, Sterilization cases and trays,  Dental and surgical instruments, Medical devices,  Aircraft interiors, Airline catering trolleys, Hot water fittings, Hot water fittings
After we study the PPSU character, we should know how to choose the steel for the mold, since the mold teperature is about 300 °C-400°C during production, the first important to make the good cooling systems on mold making,if the mold temparature is always high because of poor cooling system, the mold life will be affected, the second the the flowability of PPSU is not good as ABS, PA, we always avoid point gate and make the gate as big as possible.the thrid, produce this kind of mold, we should equiped special screw and nozzle in the injection machine, the high temperature will hurt the normal machine.
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