Rapid prototyping

Nowdays, the economy develop faster and faster, it create a more and more demand for new product. as we all know, if we need plastic product or a plastic spare part, we should make a mold, but the mold will cost very much and take a long time, if our design is not good or not accepted by market, we will lose a lots of money and waste much money in the molds, now we comes out a new solution-rapid prototyping.

Although the 3d Print is coming, but CNC machining still be use in majority of prototype,because the finish of 3d print parts is not good enough for business show even if they make the structure of product. Product designers and new product developers require machined metal and plastic prototypes in the same timeframe as other prototype components such as SLA models, sheet metal parts,  and metal castings. the Trade Show date is not moving, your internal project date has management visibility, and that your customer’s order is time dependent. If we fail to deliver your machined parts when you need them, your decision to use Rapid Machining comes into question and may very well impact your next raise or even your job. our employees average over 20 years manufacturing experience and we rely on seasoned machinists to stream-line part manufacturing and smooth out any bumps. The majority of our machinists can do any job in the shop including programming, setting up all machining centers, and even shipping parts. Why is this important? Because their critical knowledge gained through those years of experience ensure your parts get shipped on time and with a high quality level

If you need the rapid prototyping serive,maybe we are your wise choice.