Commonly Seen Mainstream Injection Molding Machines Brands

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The injection molding machine industry has experienced rapid development across the whole globe. Especially, in the era when Chinese manufacturing industry develops at a very fast pace, many Chinese and foreign injection machine brands are widely used in enterprises which produce plastic products. Among them, the more famous ones include Chen Hsong from Hong Kong, Victor Taichung from Taiwan, Haitian/Haitai/Bochuang from mainland China, Mitsubishi/Toshiba/Sumitomo from Japan, and Demag/KRAUSS MAFFEI from Germany. Comparatively speaking, Japanese injection molding machines enjoy the longest service life while German ones follow the highest safety standards.

(1) German Demag Injection Molding Machine
Demag is a world famous injection molding machine brand of the German Demag Ergotech. Its main characteristics include: the hydraulic mold clamping structure and the computer-aided optimized location control of the injection machine match quite well with preset acceleration curves, to ensure the fast and balanced mold clamping action, thus keeping mold intactness and shortening cycle time. Its hydraulic ejection mechanism is very easy to assemble and disassemble, since there is no abrupt hose while the clearance between tie bars is big enough to accommodate large sized molds. The injection molding machine employs DFE, which has achieved a closed-loop oil pressure control, thus able to meet the requirements for any high precision and high response; at the same time, it is able to minimize energy consumption, thus meeting energy-saving requirements (saves up to 30% energy when compared with conventional injection molding machines); adopts the Ergotech Control unit, which allows to switch over from injection to holding based on the required time, pressure and flow; the value can be set as per percentage or input physical values; NC4 can be used to control exterior devices, with a special page provided to set various process parameters for quality control. All process control is completed automatically by the NC4 control system.

(2) German KRAUSS MAFFEI Injection Molding Machine

KRAUSS MAFFEI is a main high-precision injection machine brand of Germany. EX, the all-electric injection molding machine KRAUSS MAFFEI has launched possesses the characteristics of fast speed, high precision, cleanness, as well as energy saving. Though designed with a very short drying cycle time, it features very high precision, thus able to guarantee the quality of molded products.

(3) Japanese Sumitomo Injection Molding Machine

Sumitomo is the no. 1 injection molding machine brand of Japan, as well as the no. 1 all-electric injection molding machine brand of the whole world. The all-electric injection molding machines of Sumitomo rank top in the world for five years in a row when market share is concerned. Sumitomo has been engaged in injection molding machine R&D and manufacturing for more than 40 years and is always well-known to the world for its high speed and high pressure. After the all-electric injection molding machines have gained widespread application, Sumitomo has become the leader of the injection molding machine industry by virtue of its strong R&D and innovative capabilities. Currently, Sumitomo has developed countless propriety technologies, such as Direct Drive, Double Center Press Platens and DST-Press etc., which enable the company to give an outstanding performance in the industry. In recent years, Sumitomo produces approx. 5,000 all-electric injection molding machines per year, ranking no. 1 among the leading Japanese all-electric injection molding machine brands for 5 consecutive years.

(4)Hong Kong Chen Hsong Injection Molding Machine
Hong Kong Chen Hsong is one of the top-selling injection molding machine manufacturers in the world, with one unit sold in every 10min on average. The company boasts an annual production capacity of nearly 15,000 units, and the whole product lineup covers the clamping force ranging from 5 to 6,500t and injection volume ranging from 1 to 100,000g. With technological innovation as the core purpose, in the early days of its foundation, Chen Hsong independently developed the first two-color blow molding machine of Hong Kong, which attracted the attention of the players in the industry. In 1960s, Chen Hsong became the first one to invent the screw injection molding machine, laying a solid foundation for the company to become the leader of the injection molding industry. Coming to the 21st century, the manufacturing technologies of Chen Hsong injection molding machines have reached the world top level. In recent years, Chen Hsong keeps launching new products and new technologies. In 2000, it launched Asia’s first PET preform injection molding system which included mold, injection machine and manipulator. In 2001, it launched the all-electric injection molding machine, and in Sept. of the same year, it launched the high-precision ultra-high speed injection molding machine.

(5)Victor Taichung Injection Molding Machine
Victor Taichung is a company in Taiwan China which has successfully developed the all-electric injection machine and realized SOP. Based on its more-than-50-year mature technologies for injection molding machine manufacturing, Victor Taichung has so far developed a complete set of injection molding machines that include five variants of 50t, 80t, 100t, 150t and 200t, as well as 11 modular combinations, which are being sold to the US, the UK, South Africa, Japan, Philippines and Malaysia, etc. In the future, it plans to launch medium-/large-size electric injection molding machines, including 250t, 300t and 350t, while extending the range of electric injection molding machines, so as to satisfy customer’s increasing demand.

(6)Ningbo Haitian Injection Molding Machine
Chinese injection molding machine manufacturers are mainly located in the southeast coast and the Pearl River Delta, among which the Ningbo region has been enjoying the strongest momentum of rapid development, so it is now the largest manufacturing base of injection molding machines in China, with an annual production capacity accounting for 1/2 of the total annual production in China and 1/3 of that across the globe. The Haitian injection molding machine series is one of the representatives. Founded more than four decades ago, Haitian Group has now become the largest production base of injection molding machines. As a high tech enterprise that’s specialized in the production of injection molding machines, Haitian is famous in the domestic injection machine industry for its high quality, high efficiency, high grade and economic returns. Its products include the plastic injection molding machines of nearly 100 types, of which the clamping force mainly ranges from 58 to 3,600t (injection volume ranging from 50 to 54,000g), boasting an annual capacity of nearly 10,000t, with both production and sales ranking no. 1 in the China market. The company has comprehensively introduced the world-class fully computer-aided and fully automatic processing centers from Japan, Germany, the US and the UK, so as to turn out the Haitian injection molding machine series with high precision and high quality, including five series of HTB, HTF, HTW, HTK and DH, and boasting more than 100 machine types, so as to meet the different needs of different customers.

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