Automotive Plastic Mould

As we kown, the auto business develop very quickly in past ten year,more and more newest go to the market, lots of automovtive components are made from plastic,that means it need large amount of molds made.

automoive plastic products

Eco molding Co., Ltd is specialized in various types of auto bumpers moulds and it’s auxiliary parts such as grilles. Eco MOULD produce  bumper molds for international automotive OEM brands and doing well in bumper molding. One of the particular features of Eco molding is short development time ,it will help our customer launch the product in the market.
we are the company special in automotive parts molding.

As a new material for auto parts, plastic parts can reduce the weight of cars and is energy saving, thus are widely used in auto industry. Plastic material gives auto manufacturer more flexibility in car design, i.e.: inner decoration spare parts, panels, door trims, ABS breaking system, bumpers, triangle, spoiler, etc. Our company has certified by ISO9001, along with professional design team, high performance equipment, we have been cooperative partner of many car manufacturers both china and overseas. our company are capable of providing integral design, structural design, auto mold development, product injection, including panel, door trims, air condition, and bumper analysis for Automotive Parts Molding.

Product design and mold flow analysis
In the process of product design, mold flow analysis software is used to work out best point of the flow. At the same time, to minimize cooling effect, cycle time, warping problems of the product, thus avoiding deformation, welding mark, shrinkage problem. Every important assembling part will be check by jigs and gauges to make sure that all products fit well in its set.

Auto mold processing technology
Measuring is of high importance in automotive plastic mould, which affects the assembling and fitting effects of all auto parts. The five-axis nc machine can speed up the feed process, shorten manufacturing cycle, optimize tooling system and simplifying processing cycle time and guarantees the precision of the auto mold.

Auto parts injection technology
In the process of injection, material property, clamping tonnage, injection pressure and cooling system should be taken into serious consideration. Auxiliary equipment as water chiller, mold temperature controller machine should be used when necessary, thus to shorten the cooling time and to improve productivity. Spare parts should be put carefully into specially appliance in order to preserve it well.
Auto parts Mould specific processing:
1.As per sample or 3D drawing design the mould.
2.Purchasing the steel.
3.CNC machining,Drill,Heat treatment
4.High speed CNC machine
5.Assembling and fitting
6.Mirror polish
7.The first mould test