The Document And Preparation Before Mold Shippment

As we know,we as plastic injection mold manufacturer should make sure the mold meet customer’s requirement and the quality meet highest level,so the checking procedure should be followed as below.make sure all document needed are all packed in shipping box before mold shippment

mold shipping box

1, 2D mold assembly drawing with hard copy

2, 2D part drawing with hard copy

3, all the 2D drawing and 3D part drawing with PC copy(Buring in CD disk)

4, Hot runner drawig if have

5, short shot photos and 2 cycle auto injection vedio burn in the CD

6, all the electrodes for mold in case modification in customer side

7, 1 shorts sample for the last trial

8, 1 copy of injection molding parameter

9, steel certificate for core and cavity

10, the dimension measurement report for last samples

11, The hardness treatment certificate for cor and cavity steel

12, one copy nitriding certificate

13, measurement report for mold steels.

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