How To Calculate The Price Of Injection Mold

The process of injection mold price estimation:

  1. First, we should choose the steel and manufacture process base on customer requirement.
  2. Afer choose the material, we should make a simple draft, then we will get the mold size and weight.
  3. Manufacture cost, the manufacturing cost is 1.5-3 times of material cost base on complexity.
  4. Every mold should consider risk cost, it normally is 10% of mold price
  5. Tax, it depends on local policy.
  6. Design fee, normally it is 10% of total mold cost
  7. Trial fee, it is 3-5% of total mold price

injection molding parts cost analytics

The way of injection mold price calculation

  1. Mold price=steel cost+design fee+manufacture cost+profit+tax+trial cost+package and transport fee
  2. The proportion
  • Material cost: steel and standard spare part take 15%-30% mold price
  • Manufacture and profit: normally 30-50% of mold cost
  • Design fee:10-15% of mold cost
  • Trial fee: within 3% for big size mold,5% for small mold
  • Package and transport: real cost or 3% mold price
  • VAT: 5%-17% of mold price

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