The Decription of China Mold Development

1, uneven development, overall level is not very high

Although many mold companies have reached the international advanced level, but on the whole china mold field, the precision of mold, cavity surface roughness, the production cycle, life and other index with foreign advanced level ,there is a big gap compared.

2, In most china mold company, the ability of develop is weak, innovation capacity is obviously is not good

On the one hand is the low proportion of skilled tool maker, and their level is not high enough, on the other hand is less investment in research and development; more important is the idea behind, not enough emphasis on innovation and development.the mold company not only attach importance to the development of mould ,but need to pay attention to the innovation of the products.

3, difficult to meet supply and demand
In recent years, the china mold market has been less than 74% satisfaction rate, including large-scale, less sophisticated, long-life molds to meet the rate, estimated less than 60%. Meanwhile, the mold industry in developed countries is accelerating shift to China, more and more international procurement, international market prospects. Market demand, the development of production were unable to keep up, this supply situation will continue for some time.
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4, the shortage of trained engineer and skilled toolmaker will take time to overcome
5, laggad technology and equipment, poor organization and coordination
Although some china mold company grow up through technological innovation in recent years, more advanced equipment have been equipped,some foreign-funded enterprises are also not lagging behind in foreign countries, but most companies are still backward technology and equipment. More importantly, corporate organization and coordination is poor, difficult to integrate or mobilize social resources for our own use, so it is difficult to undertake large projects.

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