China Plastic Injection Molding Company Will Meet More Opportunities In Next Years

According to the national policy of China’s automobile industry, in the coming years, the application of lightweight materials are fulfilled in automotive products to decrease fuel consumption.

In the process of automotive weight reduction, the plastic injection molded parts are widely considered as one of the best alternative materials. At present, more than 90 percent of automotive plastic products are produced by plastic injection molding. The rapid development of the automotive industry provides a huge market space for the relevant plastic products and plastic injection mold companies.

According to statistics, the average amount of plastic per vehicle achieve developed 150 kg, the average amount of plastic parts per car is only 100 kg in China Market, compared with developed countries, there is much room for growth. China’s automobile industry is expected to increase the ratio of the amount of plastic product in the coming years, thus increasing the demand for high-precision, high stability of plastic products. Meanwhile, the low-pressure injection mold and other high-end rapid prototyping plastic will also usher in good development opportunities

Also the plastic injection molded parts will be much cheaper than stamping or die casted parts, the more plastic parts used in Car, the cheaper price will be ,then it will stimulate the car market, let more and more medium income people can afford the the meantime, China plastic mold company also get more order from market increase.

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