Find A Proper Injection Mold Factory

If you want to make plastic parts or develop some product and looking for some mold factory,there are six principles as below
Principle I: reliable team and good attitude
the injection mold factory should have rich experience engineer and team work., the team is equipped to fly. When you find injection mold factory, you can not allow manufacturers to ignore you, probably because too many orders start at the same time, probably because they didn’t pay attention to detail and so on, so to make a phone call in two days or three days a week, take a look. To maintain a relationship with them.
Principle II: The ability of descripe a good prospect
Tell him your project have a good future, rather than ask him to help you do that. Let him know that you give the best products to him, but also it is his chance. In fact, in the final analysis, it is to your supplier but also as one of your investors, so that they have an idea with you success. Share with your mold factory your understanding of the industry, From the boss to tool makers, should be enough respected.
Principle III: ID-MD, mold making and injection molding in one stop

Industrial design and structural design are done in one factory , although there may be some small problems, but the advantages in one factory should be bigger. Mold making and injection molding should be done the same


Principle IV: Not the best,but the proper
Not the biggest and best mold factory is suitable for you, nor is it a small mold factory is simply not considered. Select mold factory, depending on your project, precision,development cycle and costs. Precision and cycle always conflict with the cost. Here you have a balance. Also not a small mold factory, we can help you save money. Small mold factory will often respond quickly. But where there will be a lot of such irregularities proplem.
Principle V: The standard is the key
To avoid unnecessary fighting and possible miscommunications. You should record every design change,all drawing,spec and reports should be written in paper and signed


Principle VI: patent application or NDA
Normally you should sign a NDA or Patent application before you make molds,it will protect your product not to be coppied.

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