Plastic Mold Apprearance Check

  1. Mold surface is free of pits, rust, extra unused rings, water fitting, gas, other defect which affect the appearance of the hole, etc.,
  2. More than 1.5mm chamfer on all mold plates.
  3. The cooling fitting should be upper than the mold surface,and is better to locate in unoperate side
  4. Every lift ring should be marked their size if their weigh over 10 kg,or make sure the friendly use.
  5. Make sure supporter is higher than blocks by 0.05-0.15mm.
  6. All cooling should be marked “IN” and “OUT”,adding sequence number if needed, such as IN1, OUT1, IN2, OUT2.
  7. Each plates should be marked with datum symbols and numbers ,position at 10mm away from the edge, writing should be clear, beautiful, neat, spacing evenly.
  8. Small molds must have lifting holes in A plate and B plate, all plates of large mold must have lifting holes.
  9. All four corners of the mold shold have pry slot between two plates.

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