Angle Guide Pin-Slider Components

How to design an angle guide pin?angle guide pin for sliders

  1.  The length of the angle guide pin is dependent on slider travel distance, usually a rounded number (5 times); a pocket hole needs to be set up on the mold plate since it’s longer than the slider;
  2.  The angle of an angle pin cannot be larger than 25°;
  3. The angle pin hole on the slider is referred to as the pocket hole, with a clearance of 0.5mm of both sides and rounded off with a fillet;
  4. A slider can only be equipped with 2 angle pins at the most, which need to be distributed evenly;
  5. Slider travel distance = the distance between ① fillet tangent at slider pocket hole and ② the arc tangent at the bottom of the guide pin;
  6. The angle pin usually uses the same material as the ejector pin; when the diameter is lager than 20mm, the guide pin material will be applied.

How to fix the angle guide pin

the angle guide pin fixation

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