Wear Plate-Slider Components of plastic injection mold

Wear Plateswear plates for slider in plastic injection mold

  1. The purpose of wear plates is to reduce the friction caused by slider movement, ensure smooth slider movement and thus increase mold service life;
  2.  There are 2 types of wear plate: ① bottom wear plate and ② back wear plate;
  3. 5mm higher than the mold plate, the bottom wear plate is fixed on the mold plate and has direct contact with the slider;
  4. 0.5mm higher than the slider, the back wear plate is fixed on the slider and has direct contact with the wedge;
  5. The wear plate usually measures 8mm – 10mm in height;
  6. The contact area between the wear plate and the slider / wedge needs to be larger than 80%; when the slider is too big, wear plate can be divided into several smaller plates depending on slider size;
  7. The wear plate applies the SK-3 material, which needs to be preheated.

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