How to make high quality plastic products in China?

By Jackie | November 6, 2018

The production of  high quality plastic products can be attributed to several essential elements.  We have a dedicated team of plastic injection molding experts at ECO Molding who have a clear idea about how to create high-performing and reliable plastic parts. Like no others, we are a precision plastic component manufacturer who is able to … Read more

Why choose plastic injection molding?

By Jackie | November 5, 2018

The advantages of plastic injection molding In plastic part manufacturing, the injection molding process is very versatile and possesses many advantages when compared with other plastic molding methods. Plastic injection molding is not only simpler and reliable, but also more efficient than others. Now, let’s see what the advantages of plastic injection molding are: 1.Highly Efficient … Read more

How to choose resin materials for plastic injection molding product?

By Jackie | November 3, 2018

In today’s market, there are tons of resin materials available for the client to choose for plastic injection molding project. So, the selection process for plastic materials often seems very challenging in the very beginning. At ECO Molding, we are clear that each type of plastic material boasts unique features and benefits, so we work in … Read more

How to find a good injection mold maker in China?

By Jackie | November 2, 2018

Let me ask you a question: how frequently do you look for an good injection mold maker? Most firms and project managers would reply “seldom”. The benefit is that once you have decided on an injection mold maker to work with, you will probably stay with it for quite a long period, provided that they are … Read more

How to choose proper plastic molding types for your product?

By Jackie | October 29, 2018

Different plastic materials are being used to produce different objects in the manufacturing industry nowadays, and the manufacturing of each part needs a unique plastic molding process that can form the part on basis of its specs. Before you produce a plastic product, you need to determine the specific plastic molding process that would best … Read more

How much does a plastic injection mold cost in China?

By Jackie | October 28, 2018

To some extent, it is a lot to ask how much a plastic injection mold costs. It is a like asking “How much does your car cost?” Will your mold be a Toyota or a Bentley? The factors that determine the cost you pay for a mold are a combination of several elements, including part dimensions, … Read more

Different plastic molding process for plastic product

By Jackie | September 3, 2018

Plastic refers to the numerous organic synthetic materials that are mostly polymers of high molecular weight. Currently, it is one of the 3 synthetic materials that are indispensable for our day-to-day life, while the other 2 are synthetic rubber and synthetic fiber. Natural or synthetic resin, the main ingredient of plastic, is often mixed with … Read more

The injection molding gate types

By Jackie | August 29, 2018

Injection molding gate design Considerations: 1.A small opening between the runner and the mold cavity, of which the location, quantity, shape and size, etc. have a direct influence on product appearance, dimensional accuracy, physical characteristics and injection molding efficiency. 2.The size of an injection molding gate is dependent on product weight, material properties and gate … Read more

Hot runner systems types of plastic injection mold

By Jackie | August 28, 2018

How the Hot Runner Systems Works The cold runner of a plastic injection mold refers to the section between the mold inlet and the gate. The molten plastic maintains its fluidity inside the runner by virtue of the injection pressure and its own heat. However, as a part of the molding material, the runner is … Read more

Injection Mold Cooling Systems

By Jackie | August 28, 2018

 The Purpose of  Injection Mold Cooling Systems  The injection mold cooling system purpose is to ensure uniform cooling of the molded product and then eject the product out within a short period of time. The layout of the cooling channel plays an important role in the injection molding quality as well as the production cycle (cost) of … Read more