A Injection Molding Technician’s Work Report

By ecomolding | November 21, 2014

As we know, once the mold are uploaded to the injection molding machine, they should work till the order is done.but every day the mold need stop for shift,my present view is: inspect the mold very carefully, solve the problem occurs in injection machines, control the quality after maintenance. If we do three good, we can shorten the stop time within 50 minutes,it means 25 minutes one shift Leadership also is thinking how to achieve this goal. If we do not really take the initiative to make real work done, all plan are nothing, fortunately,I really want to do this job well, it can be considered to prove our value, or something else, in short, this thing is a major … Read more

China Auto Mold Company Have To Enter The High-end Market

By ecomolding | November 19, 2014

Stronger china auto mold industrial provide support to the development of own brand cars, Therefore, we must continue to challenge the first high-tech mold in high-end products. Currently, the domestic high-end products which meet the rate of mold demand is less than 60%, a considerable part of the dependence on imports. With the rapid development of China’s own-brand cars, future demand for our high-grade mold market will be more urgent. A few years ago, many china auto mold factory is mainly responsible for the A-Class and a small amount of mold development B-Class mold development, along with more B-Class, C-Class models to market, high-end market of automotivemold,The demand will grow substantially. In addition, the multinational group purchase more and more mold … Read more

Injection molding defects the cause and solution

By ecomolding | October 8, 2013

1, filling defect   It always show uncomplete filling or edge collapse,it will dective product,waste material,labor and time.ther are many possible reason, such as nozzle temperature is too low,not enough supply,flowablity not good,injection pressure is low,the gate is too small or not right position,the mold surface is not smooth enough,nozzle is blocked,venting problem   2,flash or burr   It always happen in parting line,it will increase the difficulty of machining or dishape,even defective.the possible reason such as:nozzle temperature too high,injection too much material,flowbility is very good,injection pressure too high,clamping force too small   3,sink mark   It always caused by material shrink after injection molding,possible reason such as:nozzle temperature too high,resin supply not enough,shrinkage is too big,injection molding pressure too … Read more

Plastic injection Mold Check Procedure

By ecomolding | September 30, 2013

Mold surface is free of pits, rust, extra unused rings, water fitting, gas, other defect which affect the appearance of the hole, etc., More than 1.5mm chamfer on all mold plates. The cooling fitting should be upper than the mold surface,and is better to locate in unoperate side Every lift ring should be marked their size if their weigh over 10 kg,or make sure the friendly use. Make sure supporter is higher than blocks by 0.05-0.15mm. All cooling should be marked “IN” and “OUT”,adding sequence number if needed, such as IN1, OUT1, IN2, OUT2. Each plates should be marked with datum symbols and numbers ,position at 10mm away from the edge, writing should be clear, beautiful, neat, spacing evenly. Small … Read more

Find A Proper Injection Mold Factory

By ecomolding | September 29, 2013

If you want to make plastic parts or develop some product and looking for some mold factory,there are six principles as below Principle I: reliable team and good attitude the injection mold factory should have rich experience engineer and team work., the team is equipped to fly. When you find injection mold factory, you can not allow manufacturers to ignore you, probably because too many orders start at the same time, probably because they didn’t pay attention to detail and so on, so to make a phone call in two days or three days a week, take a look. To maintain a relationship with them. Principle II: The ability of descripe a good prospect Tell him your project have a … Read more

China Plastic Injection Molding Company Will Meet More Opportunities In Next Years

By ecomolding | September 29, 2013

According to the national policy of China’s automobile industry, in the coming years, the application of lightweight materials are fulfilled in automotive products to decrease fuel consumption. In the process of automotive weight reduction, the plastic injection molded parts are widely considered as one of the best alternative materials. At present, more than 90 percent of automotive plastic products are produced by plastic injection molding. The rapid development of the automotive industry provides a huge market space for the relevant plastic products and plastic injection mold companies. According to statistics, the average amount of plastic per vehicle achieve developed 150 kg, the average amount of plastic parts per car is only 100 kg in China Market, compared with developed countries, … Read more

The Decription of China Mold Development

By ecomolding | September 28, 2013

1, uneven development, overall level is not very high Although many mold companies have reached the international advanced level, but on the whole china mold field, the precision of mold, cavity surface roughness, the production cycle, life and other index with foreign advanced level ,there is a big gap compared. 2, In most china mold company, the ability of develop is weak, innovation capacity is obviously is not good On the one hand is the low proportion of skilled tool maker, and their level is not high enough, on the other hand is less investment in research and development; more important is the idea behind, not enough emphasis on innovation and development.the mold company not only attach importance to the development of mould ,but need to pay attention to the innovation of the products. 3, difficult to meet supply and demand In recent years, the china mold market has been less than 74% … Read more

How To Calculate The Price Of Injection Mold

By ecomolding | September 27, 2013

The process of injection mold price estimation: First, we should choose the steel and manufacture process base on customer requirement. Afer choose the material, we should make a simple draft, then we will get the mold size and weight. Manufacture cost, the manufacturing cost is 1.5-3 times of material cost base on complexity. Every mold should consider risk cost, it normally is 10% of mold price Tax, it depends on local policy. Design fee, normally it is 10% of total mold cost Trial fee, it is 3-5% of total mold price The way of injection mold price calculation Mold price=steel cost+design fee+manufacture cost+profit+tax+trial cost+package and transport fee The proportion Material cost: steel and standard spare part take 15%-30% mold price … Read more

The Document And Preparation Before Mold Shippment

By ecomolding | September 26, 2013

As we know,we as plastic injection mold manufacturer should make sure the mold meet customer’s requirement and the quality meet highest level,so the checking procedure should be followed as below.make sure all document needed are all packed in shipping box before mold shippment 1, 2D mold assembly drawing with hard copy 2, 2D part drawing with hard copy 3, all the 2D drawing and 3D part drawing with PC copy(Buring in CD disk) 4, Hot runner drawig if have 5, short shot photos and 2 cycle auto injection vedio burn in the CD 6, all the electrodes for mold in case modification in customer side 7, 1 shorts sample for the last trial 8, 1 copy of injection molding parameter … Read more

Two Color Plastic Injection Mold

By ecomolding | September 25, 2013

Most designers focus on one color plastic injection mold, so they don’t to how to design when we met two color plastic injection we will talk about the theory and important point about two color injection mold.two color mold have another name “two-shot mold”, they inject two resin on the same machine but injection two times,  typically consist of 2 sets of mold, the core side will rotate 180 degrees, but cavity side will be fixed.but the molding part is only ejected out one time.we always call it two-color injection molding and need special two-color injection machine.   The characteristics of two color mold: Two shape of the cavity is different, forming 1 kinds of products each. But core side has the same shape. (Note: if there … Read more