China mold manufacturing business status compare to other countries

Over the past decade or so, China mold manufacturing technology has made a qualitative leap, and the mold manufacturing industry has grown rapidly from small to large, making China one of the biggest mold manufacturing countries in the world. Along with the development of China’s automobile industry, the rise of domestic auto brands to the middle and high-end market segments, and the emergence of new energy vehicles, the market has put forward new demands for us, which requires us to move from low-end molds to high-end molds, and from a large mold manufacturing country to a mold powerhouse.

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At present, the mold production value of the six mold manufacturing countries, i.e., China, the US, Japan, Germany, South Korea and Italy, occupies an absolute position in the world, among which the mold production value in China is the highest of all.

  1. The US

At present, there are about 7,000 mold manufacturers in the US, most of which produce automotive molds. Factories with less than 15 workers account for about 60% of the total, those with 15-50 employees account for 30% of the total, and the rest account for 10%. In spite of the small number of workers, thanks to its advanced automation and process technologies, it is now already one of the leaders in the world. According to authoritative statistics in 2014, the output value per capita of the US mold industry is around CNY 1.27 million.

  1. Japan

At present, there are about 10,000 mold enterprises in Japan, most of which produce automotive molds. Among them, individual companies with less than 20 workers account for 91% of the total. This is quite a shocking number, from which it is not difficult to see that the Japanese mold factories are usually small in size, and they mainly develop towards modularization. For example, a car needs 8,000 stamped parts, and each factory produces several fixed parts, which are then assembled, so as to lower the cost and improve efficiency.

  1. Germany

Germany is a country with very developed machinery and one of the first countries in Europe and America to start making molds. Its mechanics is almost invincible in the world, and the same is naturally true with mold making. Most of the factories produce automotive molds. There is a jargon in Germany: coordination, teamwork, technological innovation, learning from each other’s strengths, making progress together, giving full play to the overall advantages and jointly becoming the industry leader. You know, many countries may probably stand in awe before this sentence of courage and insight.

  1. China

Throughout the past decade, it can be said that the China’s mold manufacturing industry has undergone earthshaking changes. China boasts the highest number of mold factories, about 30,000 in total, among which state owned companies account for 5%, JVs account 10%, while the rest are privately owned. At present, there are about 3 million people involved in the mold industry.

Although the Chinese data seems amazing, with regard to production capacity per capita, we can see that the annual production capacity per capita in Germany is 2 CNY million, that in the US and Japan are respectively CNY 1.27 million and CNY 1.2 million, but that in China is only CNY 335,000. The comparison result is really shocking. The annual output value per capita of the mold industry in the US and Japan is 3-5 times that of China, and the annual output value per capita in Germany is 5-9 times that of China.

In recent years, with the continuous upgrading of household consumption, the development of China’s automotive industry has been accelerated. The development of automobiles has driven the rapid development of the automotive mold industry, and many enterprises have transformed towards the automobile industry. So, the China’s automotive mold industry is booming, with great prospects.

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