Moldflow Analysis Report for plastic injection molding

Moldflow analysis is the plastic injection molding simulation software that obtains data and results  through the computer-aided simulation to simulate the plastic injection molding process, based on which, the feasibility of the mold solution is to be evaluated, in a bid to improve mold and product designs.

plastic product for mold flow

Product description

Wall thickness and mesh statistics in moldflow analysis

mesh thickness diagnostic moldflow

Thickness are uniformed

Plastic material information

Plastic material information for moldflow

injection molding process analysis for moldflow

Initial Nozzle/Gate Locations and Circuit

Gate location for moldflow analysis


filling moldflow analysis

The filling process is balance

Distortion, all effects at Z Component

In this plot a scale factor of  2X was added to overstate the magnitude of the warpage to make the trends easier to understand。

1) 4 gates injection

4 gates Distortion analysis

Deflection of Z direction is large  NG

2)2 gates injection

distortion analysis

Deflection of Z direction is large  NG

3)One gate hot runner injection

distortion moldflow analysis

Deflection of Z direction is large  NG

4)Change material to ABS Chimei PA757,4 gates

deflection analysis

Deflection of Z direction is small  OK


As can be seen from the above results of moldflow analysis, four-point glue injection is smaller than two-point glue injection, but the deformation is not significantly improved. After replacing PP with ABS, the deformation is significantly reduced. It is suggested to use ABS material forming to reduce product deformation.

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