Different mold cooling channel design cause different cooling effect

Many believes that the special-shaped cooling channel is not effective at all, but is a kind of deceptive technology! As a matter of fact, the point is not that the special-shaped cooling channel is not effective, but where you choose to place the cooling channel is still arguable. Let’s take a look at the example below:

Figure 1 shows the same part, coming with special-shaped cooling channels designed by different designers. Although all of them adopt the special-shaped design, they perform differently with regard to mold temperature improvement. See Figure 2, let’s verify this using the CAE software. We can find that some of the designs give a great performance as shown in Figure 4, but some others are not so satisfactory as shown in Figure 2. So, what is the problem?

The cooling channel shown in Figure 2 is too densely designed, so when the coolant enters the cavity, it will first take away some of the local heat, not to mention the problem lying in structural strength. At the same time, this amount of heat is kept circulating, which in fact cannot fulfill the function of cooling, but rather heat preservation. The design shown in Figure 4 is able to ensure that the coolant quickly flows to the areas that need to be cooled, while removing the heat from the mold in a fast manner, which is able to accelerate the cooling of the product. Therefore:

  1. The cooling channel needs to be smooth, without any branches, so as to ensure the optimal effect.
  2. It is not right to believe that the more cooling lines and the denser, the better – It is the most important to remove the heat from the mold ASAP.
  3. The shape of the cooling channel also affects the cooling effect.

mold cooling channel

heat emission of mold cooling channel

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