China Plastic Injection Molding Company Will Meet More Opportunities In Next Years

According to the national policy of China’s automobile industry, in the coming years, the application of lightweight materials are fulfilled in automotive products to decrease fuel consumption.

In the process of automotive weight reduction, the plastic injection molded parts are widely considered as one of the best alternative materials. At present, more than 90 percent of automotive plastic products are produced by plastic injection molding. The rapid development of the automotive industry provides a huge market space for the relevant plastic products and plastic injection mold companies.

According to statistics, the average amount of plastic per vehicle achieve developed 150 kg, the average amount of plastic parts per car is only 100 kg in China Market, compared with developed countries, there is much room for growth. China’s automobile industry is expected to increase the ratio of the amount of plastic product in the coming years, thus increasing the demand for high-precision, high stability of plastic products. Meanwhile, the low-pressure injection mold and other high-end rapid prototyping plastic will also usher in good development opportunities

Also the plastic injection molded parts will be much cheaper than stamping or die casted parts, the more plastic parts used in Car, the cheaper price will be ,then it will stimulate the car market, let more and more medium income people can afford the the meantime, China plastic mold company also get more order from market increase.

The Decription of China Mold Development

1, uneven development, overall level is not very high

Although many mold companies have reached the international advanced level, but on the whole china mold field, the precision of mold, cavity surface roughness, the production cycle, life and other index with foreign advanced level ,there is a big gap compared.

2, In most china mold company, the ability of develop is weak, innovation capacity is obviously is not good

On the one hand is the low proportion of skilled tool maker, and their level is not high enough, on the other hand is less investment in research and development; more important is the idea behind, not enough emphasis on innovation and development.the mold company not only attach importance to the development of mould ,but need to pay attention to the innovation of the products.

3, difficult to meet supply and demand
In recent years, the china mold market has been less than 74% satisfaction rate, including large-scale, less sophisticated, long-life molds to meet the rate, estimated less than 60%. Meanwhile, the mold industry in developed countries is accelerating shift to China, more and more international procurement, international market prospects. Market demand, the development of production were unable to keep up, this supply situation will continue for some time.
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4, the shortage of trained engineer and skilled toolmaker will take time to overcome
5, laggad technology and equipment, poor organization and coordination
Although some china mold company grow up through technological innovation in recent years, more advanced equipment have been equipped,some foreign-funded enterprises are also not lagging behind in foreign countries, but most companies are still backward technology and equipment. More importantly, corporate organization and coordination is poor, difficult to integrate or mobilize social resources for our own use, so it is difficult to undertake large projects.

How To Calculate The Price Of Injection Mold

The process of injection mold price estimation:

  1. First, we should choose the steel and manufacture process base on customer requirement.
  2. Afer choose the material, we should make a simple draft, then we will get the mold size and weight.
  3. Manufacture cost, the manufacturing cost is 1.5-3 times of material cost base on complexity.
  4. Every mold should consider risk cost, it normally is 10% of mold price
  5. Tax, it depends on local policy.
  6. Design fee, normally it is 10% of total mold cost
  7. Trial fee, it is 3-5% of total mold price

injection molding parts cost analytics

The way of injection mold price calculation

  1. Mold price=steel cost+design fee+manufacture cost+profit+tax+trial cost+package and transport fee
  2. The proportion
  • Material cost: steel and standard spare part take 15%-30% mold price
  • Manufacture and profit: normally 30-50% of mold cost
  • Design fee:10-15% of mold cost
  • Trial fee: within 3% for big size mold,5% for small mold
  • Package and transport: real cost or 3% mold price
  • VAT: 5%-17% of mold price

Still didn’t know how to calculate the plastic injection mold part price? Don’t worry, ecomolding have the pricing tags for each mold parts, you can check out here and see the general price.

The Document And Preparation Before Mold Shippment

As we know,we as plastic injection mold manufacturer should make sure the mold meet customer’s requirement and the quality meet highest level,so the checking procedure should be followed as below.make sure all document needed are all packed in shipping box before mold shippment

mold shipping box

1, 2D mold assembly drawing with hard copy

2, 2D part drawing with hard copy

3, all the 2D drawing and 3D part drawing with PC copy(Buring in CD disk)

4, Hot runner drawig if have

5, short shot photos and 2 cycle auto injection vedio burn in the CD

6, all the electrodes for mold in case modification in customer side

7, 1 shorts sample for the last trial

8, 1 copy of injection molding parameter

9, steel certificate for core and cavity

10, the dimension measurement report for last samples

11, The hardness treatment certificate for cor and cavity steel

12, one copy nitriding certificate

13, measurement report for mold steels.

Two Color Plastic Injection Mold

Most designers focus on one color plastic injection mold, so they don’t to how to design when we met two color plastic injection we will talk about the theory and important point about two color injection mold.two color mold have another name “two-shot mold”, they inject two resin on the same machine but injection two times,  typically consist of 2 sets of mold, the core side will rotate 180 degrees, but cavity side will be fixed.but the molding part is only ejected out one time.we always call it two-color injection molding and need special two-color injection machine.


The characteristics of two color mold:

  1. Two shape of the cavity is different, forming 1 kinds of products each. But core side has the same shape. (Note: if there are not the same, use sliders)
  2. After the cavity rotates 180 degrees, the cavity must fit another core, Designer should pay attention to this point.
  3. Please carefully check the data of color injection molding machine such as maximum mold thickness, the minimum allowable mold thickness, K.O. holes distance etc..
  4. The gate should be cut automatically in 3 plates two color mold, especially soft resin.
  5. When we design the second injection cavity, we should leave some space to avoid scratch, but must think about the seal area, the molding part have the possibility of deformation and cause flash
  6. We can make the first molding part a little bit bigger than will be pressed tighter when the second injection, reduce the risk of flash.
  7. Pay attention to in second injection molding if they will make the first molding part deformed by resin flow, If that is possible, we must think of a way to improve them.
  8. We should make the cooling system plenty, balance and same in two mold
  9. 99% we injection hard material first, before soft is easy to deform
  10. In order to make the two plastic stick more tightly, we should consider “sticky” of two resin and the roughness of mold surface